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Welcome to my website where I write about change management and project management, challenges and approaches! I help leaders manage change and implement disruptive visions that change the trajectory of their organisations by focusing on key success factors that prioritise people, standardise operating models and build resilience through operational readiness to build intrinsically robust brands, wherever a change expert is required!

Having been involved in a variety of business transformation projects, in a variety of roles, including as a PM, I have a lot to say! Business Transformation encompasses all change management tools and addresses core, strategic and operating model change. It can be daunting and it is not easy or straightforward but I love to fight fires and find solutions so it’s the perfect job for me! These are all things that I am so passionate about, that I write about them. From leadership to building operating models and ecosystems that foster innovation, success depends on these so I cover them in my posts.  I relish working with ambitious and visionary leaders, sponsors and boards who know the destination are worth the potential adversity and pitfalls of the journey. 

The Adventure of Managing  Change

I’ve been privileged to have worked on many change projects, and build my change expertise in a range of capacities and change of any kind is an adventure. Change management requires vision and courage and stamina and humanity. On, I want to bring people into my world of change and project management- ever-changing, full of colour and opportunity, firefighting and glory, to make people feel and see what it could be if done right. I have often felt there’s something missing in the way change is addressed and described – it’s often devoid of the humanity, the adventures, the pitfalls and the amazing rewards of starting something with a big idea and bringing it to life. So my website is about giving it the vibrancy I feel for it. Dealing with and calling out real organisational issues and signposting solutions and approaches that work because they have people at the center of them.

To that end, there’re lots of pictures of food, cake, and other pretty things as I love those but not office-y pics so much. Do enjoy those and my food analogies!


Change and Implementation and Programme Manager

What is provides views, expertise and ideas from a change and project management practitioner with experience of building the solution as well as managing and delivering it, to help you plan and manage your change management process from the ground up and your people. I have years of experience as a software test engineer, project and program manager and business process improvement and transition as a transition and target operating lead.

I started to showcase my experience, highlight my interests and as a repository for my writings – articles I write about things that have meaning and enduring fascination about my work as well as things I love and enjoy, like reading, writing, cooking, binge-watching and the arts. I write a lot of reviews on other sites and may write a few here on things I am loving or bugging about. I already have requests from colleagues to contribute guests posts and I will be delighted to edit and post them here,  as well as pointing to any articles that I think are interesting, new learning and best practice in the field of change, project management and innovation. The articles will cover a broad range of topics spanning change management, project management, solutions design, development and delivery as well as brand strategy, customer experience.

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Adventurous Pragmatist (go figure!)

I help leaders manage change and implement disruptive visions that change the trajectory of the organisations because I focus on key success factors that prioritise people, standardise operating models and build resilience through operational readiness to build intrinsically robust brands. My work draws on over 20 years of integral and groundbreaking work with one common denominator, my drive to deliver and passion for excellence and empowered people. I provide consulting and coaching, troubleshooting and training of different roles in the change team and am especially happy to advise on the business transition and change adoption process and key considerations for success.

I also run Iconify Consulting and Creative which focuses on business and digital transformation that manages the impact of change initiatives on the brand, employee and customer experiences.

A stakeholder strategy story

A passion for transformation
A Strategy Story

I am passionate about business transformation and the process of change management, having worked on several projects because business transformation fuels growth, raises capability,  empowers staff,  harnesses technology and innovation, strengthens your brand, and revises approaches to managing risk, to name but a few of myriad benefits to be accrued when a change management exercise is done within the right project management structure and with a multilateral focus and diverse and cross-functional teams.

Managing programmes is like making a macaroon, complex and intricate work and one main practice holds it together. Managing stakeholders with conflicting priorities is just one particular strand of the several challenges that I value the most. Ultimately the changes we make are for people, so dealing with what all the different areas have to say and factoring them into decisions and directions is a key point of transformation. All change must have a customer and meet a need.

Managing the stakeholders is a key part of effective change and project management expertise.  I think of it as the filling that keeps all parts of the macaroon connected, good and transcendent!

Benefits delivery that is optimised and value added right out of the box through change and project management expertise

Gift wrapped Benefits Delivery

I am absolutely one hundred per cent focused on what makes for sustainable benefits delivery – overseeing the build and implementation of a transformation programme that can deliver desired and validated project objectives, and all the important best practices that make this a reality.

So now you know a bit about me but why should you read my blog?

I thought this would be a good way to codify ideas and methods, collect my thoughts, share my change and project management expertise, and practice my writing skills into the bargain! I have a genuine interest in and love of my work, I love to write and to share knowledge so hopefully, there’ll be loads of useful blinkist type posts of many things I have learned, am learning or find interesting and that others in the field or on the lookout for knowledge would too! If you want to manage a project, implement transformation or build a brand with sustainable capability, you’ll always find something interesting here and if you want some help or useful insights, you can reach out to me on

  • My blogs provide guidance on topical issues and can help focus your own ideas about your change initiatives to bring more light than heat to your endeavours, and challenge your teams with new ways of doing things.
  • I am always happy to connect with leaders who need PM perspectives, consulting or ideas on how to manage stress and toxic team members as well as fellow PMs and change professionals and people interested in or with a view on the topics I post on and who want to share ideas I might be interested in.
  • I plan to keep the blog topical but I may occasionally post some self-help and affirming posts depending on what’s going on in my life and messages I think others may need to hear and I want 

What do you want to know more about? Send me a message on to see how I can help. I have a fairly aggressive spam filter so please keep clearly on relevant topics, clean and respectful or it will very likely be swept into junk. I try to make sure nobody contributing is molested and again the zealous spam filter helps to mute any weirdos. Per my GDPR commitments, your data is kept safe. 

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